Border Security

Border security is a top issue in every country. It’s important to know who comes in and out of your borders especially those from a country with a terrorism nexus known as special interest aliens (SIA’s). This information is vital to ensure focus by all agencies to the priorities for the safety of your citizens. Border security is crucial to national security, and I’ve taken it upon myself to share my border security knowledge and experience through keynote speaking.
 During my time with the Border Security Operations Center, I managed Intelligence for the largest border operation in Texas history Operation Secure Texas (OST) an 880 million dollar Texas state-funded operations where I learned a great deal about how to keep borders safe and proven solutions that work against all potential threats. My speeches focus on educating those who can create change in the current state of border security.
Drug trafficking is a serious liability that countries need to consciously combat. Secured borders work hard to minimize this type of threat, but people often don’t recognize the less overt signs if they’re not properly trained. My keynote speeches address these training techniques to provide my audience with information they can immediately put to use.
In addition, I use my first-hand experience from my time leading border operations along the United States and Mexico’s border to help my audience understand this is a global problem. 
In many cases, these threats are well-funded and leverage technology not available to US law enforcement. My speeches discuss foreign nations tradecraft leveraged by the Mexican Cartels globally and what to do to counter these tactics. I provide informative direction to help you make proven decisions regarding border security. Border security should be a top priority for any country, so if you are looking for a keynote speaker to discuss the importance of border security and how it promotes national security, please contact me.