Mexican Cartels

The growth of the Mexican Cartels has been underestimated not only by the United States but other governments around the world.   In the past decade, they have expanded globally taking on the Government of Mexico’s military leveraging military grade weapons like vehicle-borne improvised explosive devices (VBIED), surface to air missiles, light anti-tank weapons, shoulder-fired missiles, and many other types of weaponry.
They have implemented military-style training camps to train in military-style tactics conducted by current or former Special Forces soldiers from Mexico and Latin American countries. Each Mexican Cartel manufactures armored vehicles, which today are in their third generation of development and utilized in battles against rival Mexican Cartels and the Government of Mexico.
All my years stationed on the border and time commanding the Border Security Operations Center provided me with first-hand experiences with Mexican Cartels. I fully understand the dangers they pose to bordering countries and their resident country. They’re an ever-growing threat that has never been properly challenged.
 As someone with decades of experience in this topic, I speak of the dangers this growing insurgency poses to innocent civilians. The Cartel’s destruction is not kept within the borders of Mexico. They are expanding across the globe and increasing their range of influence. My speeches focus on educating the public on these dangers.
To illustrate this point, I share my experiences with my audience to help them spot the signs of cartel behavior. My speeches also focus on how to keep communities safe. As a keynote speaker, I provide my audience with an education they can act on, so if you are seeking a keynote speaker to provide expert advice on Mexican Cartels, please contact me.