Precision-Led Preventative Model

My time as critical incident commander in the State Fusion center during both Fort Hood incidents introduced me to an array of heinous crimes occurring around the world and introduced me to a new method of policing known as precision policing. This model exits from an investigative Department of Justice  (DOJ) model that is dated and not working in the 21st Century.
As an authority in this model, I’ve compiled my years of experience in speeches to educate the public and those able to incite change for the betterment of their communities. Crime can be found everywhere, but I tailor my speeches to address organized crime and counter network disruption.
Specifically, in the United States, many forms of violence are not visible to all the levels of the United States government. This is due to an outdated crime collection program known as the Uniform Crime Report (UCR). This system was created in 1929 and is painfully outdated. One of its flaws can be attributed to the fact that it does not report transnational crimes.
For example, it does not capture drug trafficking, kidnapping, human smuggling, human trafficking, extortion, weapons trafficking, money laundering, public corruption or murder linked to organized crime from outside the US. It also does not account for the number of illegal aliens apprehended across the United States. All of these crimes are associated with transnational crimes only seen in the 21st century.
Other countries also have outdated legislation in place that doesn’t effectively or efficiently deal with crime. I’ve made it my mission to educate those to help save lives.
My speeches touch on each of the crimes mentioned above in addition to how to recognize and prevent them. Focusing on a preventative policing model is critical to keeping citizens safe, so it’s very important people are properly educated and advised on how to best handle and prevent crime. If you are looking for a keynote speaker to address an audience to educate them on these new models, please contact me.